Ibstock plc has launched a new ESG Strategy to drive sustainability

Leading manufacturer of clay and concrete building products and solutions Ibstock plc has  launched its new ESG Strategy to 2030

Ibstock plc is considered to be at the forefront of sustainability within the construction products sector and claims that its new ESG Strategy to 2030 will further these achievements. This will be made possible through simplifying the way it articulates its goals and ambitions to enhance understanding of sustainability challenges.

The new ESG Strategy to 2030 is an evolution of the company’s five-year Sustainability Roadmap set back in 2019. A number of these original targets have already been achieved, ahead of time. Ibstock’s new ESG strategy is the start of a new era of responsible business and manufacturing, directing the business towards even greater, positive change.
Communication and clear structure key to achieving goals

Ibstock’s ESG Strategy to 2030 has been structured in a way that can be easily understood and interpreted. Clear communication is key to the achieving the agreed milestones. Organised under three themes; Address Climate Change; Improve lives; and Manufacture Materials for life, headline ambitions include:

  • 40% reduction in absolute carbon (Scope 1 & 2*) by 2030
  • Increase female representation in senior leadership to 40%
  • 20% of sales turnover revenue to be achieved via new products and solutions that focus on sustainability and customer value

new esg strategy Driving ownership and engagement

The company wants desire to drive ownership and engagement of the company’s ESG goals and so is using a strong, clear ‘call to action’: ‘WE WILL’ in front of each ambition. It is hoped that the strategy will be utilised by all members of the company and increase collaboration as a result.

Building on its award-winning People First approach to ESG and sustainability engagement, Ibstock will continue to drive employee engagement and understanding of its goals and ambitions – focusing on how individuals and their actions can contribute to the bigger picture.

Ibstock states that its new strategy is informed by a materiality assessment which has taken into consideration the views and perspectives of its key stakeholders. A major customer survey will also be conducted to gather attitudes towards sustainability amongst housebuilders, builders merchants and architects and specifiers. The results of this process will shape a long-term programme of communications aimed at informing and connecting with Ibstock’s external stakeholders.

The new ESG Strategy is the next stage in the evolution of the business: Joe Hudson, Ibstock plc’s chief executive officer said: “We are very pleased to launch our ESG Strategy to 2030. It takes our business on the next exciting – and energetic – stage in its evolution,”

“Whilst our new strategy sets our longer-term ambition, we are also very proud of the progress we have made on our journey so far to becoming a more sustainable, purpose-led business. Where the past decade has been about incremental improvement and embedding change, the next decade needs to go much further, much faster.

“To get where we need to be, we must continue to bring our people with us on this journey to enable us to make progress more swiftly and with greater impact. This is work that requires our passionate people with a desire to make positive change at pace.

“We are confident we will achieve our goals – but we will need to do this together. We are calling on our colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers to work with us – as we will work with them – to deliver on the challenges and opportunities that we share.”