Houchin Community Blood Bank begins work on $10 million facility in California

Houchin Community Blood Bank has commenced construction work on new $10 million blood bank complex in Buena Vista Road, south of White Lane in the US state of California.The 42,000 square feet facility provides services that include laboratory, quality assurance, manufacturing and distribution, information technology, community development, telerecruiting and transportation, with a full donor drawing site.

The blood bank complex is being designed by Bakersfield architects Paul Skarphol and Associates, and Paul Dhanens. The project’s general contractor is Wallace & Smith of Bakersfield.US-based Bolthouse Properties LLC is enabling Houchin to meet the ever-increasing medical needs of people living in Kern County through a generous five-acre donation of land in the new Seven Oaks Business Park.

The entire design and construction is being carried out by local people as an ongoing commitment Houchin shares with the well being of people in Kern County. Construction work on the facility is expected to be completed in late 2012.