Grennan Heights Park building completes upgrades

The Grennan Heights Park building in the Niles Park District, Illinois, has completed a refurbishment project.

The facility now features new glass doors and a new lounge following the facelift. Glass walls have been installed between the gym and lobby and the front desk has been moved to face the gym to allow better monitoring of the kids by their parents. The restrooms of the building have also been shifted as part of the project.

The revamped building donning shades of cream, medium blue and brick red has been equipped with security cameras. The facility also houses a preschool which has been extended to 10 feet post improvement works and now features a window to allow optimum passage of natural light.

The building has phased out its outdated plumbing system and installed new pipe sewers and drain tiles to combat water concerns. In addition, it has installed sensor-controlled lighting fixtures to cut down energy consumption.