DfT finances $36 million to upgrade Tyne and Wear Metro in UK

The UK government has announced that the Department of Transport (DfT) has approved £23 million ($36.32 million) in financing to Nexus, the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive, to undertake an improvement project for Tyne and Wear Metro in the UK.

The scope of the project involves renewing tracks and trackbeds from Tynemouth to Gateshead, including the busiest section of line through Newcastle city centre, completing the refurbishment of the Metro train fleet and continuing the refurbishment of 45 stations in total, including stations in the Newcastle, Gateshead and South Tyneside areas.

A part of the funds will also be used for introducing smart travel to the Metro with the Pop card, including new ticket machine technology, gate lines and validators, starting the system-wide replacement of vital overhead power lines, as well as, upgrading communications and signal systems. The funding will allow Nexus to create about 60 new jobs in the region.

The Department for Transport has awarded Nexus a total of £93 million ($146.88 million), under the 2010 Funding Agreement, for renewing and upgrading the Tyne and Wear Metro for the next three years.