Construction Sector The Cause For 21% of Worldwide Emissions

It is worth noting that the speakers at the COP28 conference shared the statistic that the buildings and construction sector comprises 21% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

Committed to decreasing the said numbers, more than 24 countries have gone on to form The Buildings Breakthrough, which happens to be a partnership that is committed to the fact that resilient buildings that have near zero emissions will go on to the new normal’ by 2030, thereby just leaving 6 years and a few days to transform the industry.

Co-founder of Copper Sustainability Partnership- CuSP, Andrew Surtees, said that where last year’s COP27 looked to be largely defined by the execution of the Loss and Damage Fund as well as the financial commitments made by numerous, it happens to be more than likely that they will look back on COP28 as the year of fossil fuel gets debated.

Apparently, the UK is joining certain other countries, like the US, France, Germany, as well as China, to form the collaboration. Together, all these 27 countries represent just over half of the worldwide greenhouse gas emissions and almost more than a third of the world’s population, thereby being a part of the battle against building practices that are unsustainable.

One element within the partnership is the International Code Council’s Building Capacity for Sustainable and Resilient Building Program, which calls on governments in order to commit to compulsory building regulations as well as resilient codes that happen to be in sync with climate objectives.

Surtees also went on to highlight that there happens to be only so much that an individual can do on their own, so that the nation leaders joining together in this way to bring along updated standard practices across the world happens to be a huge step.