Construction Industry Shows Positivity on New Technology Adoption

Construction industry shows positive trends on new technology adoption, 64.9% of the respondents from the construction industry placed technology high on their agenda, with over a third, i.e., 35.1%, stating that it was in fact very high on the agenda was discovered through the second annual construction technology survey conducted by KHL.

The survey also went on to reveal that the new technology could very well be rapidly introduced across projects, with almost half, i.e., 46.8% of respondents, saying that their companies are going to be purchasing new digital technology solutions in 2023.

Another 38.3% of respondents opined that the introduction of some form of technology before the end of this year was indeed a possibility. According to the survey, the economic pressures being faced by the sector, in addition to the conflict in Ukraine, had in fact elevated the willingness of construction companies to invest in more technology than ever.

Prioritizing Software

Only 1% of the respondents remarked that technology has become less important to them in the last two years, whereas 41.5% went on to say that it has become more important to them. 29.8% confirmed that it has become significantly more important to them.

When it came to the effectiveness of the digital solutions that are currently utilised, 18.1% of the respondents claimed that the project management software happened to be the most important, whereas BIM was placed second at 16%. Remote-control as well as autonomy solutions were ranked third, with 11.7% of respondents remarking that it was indeed an important purchase for them.

Apparently, one major challenge that could hold back technology adoption may very well be the recruitment of skilled staff in the industry. More than 60% of the respondents confirmed that they were having difficulties when it came to finding people with the right techno skills, which can go on to prove to be the biggest stumbling block for technology organizations that are looking to enter the construction sector.