Cemex supplies specialty concrete for road tunnel project in Germany

Cemex S.A.B. de C.V., a Mexico-based provider of cement and concrete solutions, is supplying ready-mix concrete for the construction of the Neuhof road tunnel in Germany.

The company has supplied the concrete for the construction of the footwall. The work demanded the use of speciality underwater concrete as the water of the nearby Fliede stream and the ground water is pressed into the foundation pit.

The company’s supply order includes 15,000 cubic metres of underwater concrete placement. The concrete mix being supplied by Cemex will provide solution for several complexities of an underground pour.

The nature of the project required continuous, uninterrupted flow of materials in uniform quality of concrete and protecting against ex-solving. To meet the challenge of the work, Cemex has provided strict quality control and tailor-made delivery methods.

Cemex has worked together with a work group partner to complete the biggest construction stage that involved placement of underwater concrete. The work has lasted for more than 24 hours and involved poring of almost 2,500 cubic metres at a time with the aid of divers.

The company has used large pumps measuring up to 63m in height to complete the task. The limited-space constraint of the project was met by using a pump in pump cascade supply method.

The tunnel forms an integral part of the A66 Federal Motorway, which is being developed to connect the Hessian capital of Wiesbaden to the Fulda motorway junction, passing through Frankfurt.