Built Environment In Australia To Reach Net Zero By 2040

University of New South Wales, Sydney researchers have gone on to create a national reference guide to assist Australia in meeting its net-zero targets. The free online resource lays out a plan to attain entire lifetime net zero carbon for Australian properties by 2040.

A 40-page manual titled Race to Net Zero Carbon: A Weather Crisis Handbook for New and Existing Structures in Australia, which helps architects, engineers, and planners transition the building industry towards net zero carbon structures, provides crucial details on building materials and best practises.

According to Professor Deo Prasad, the guide’s primary researcher, their guidance depends on Australian climate data but has global applicability.

He claimed this tutorial provided a deeper level of expertise on how this sector can rapidly advance towards net-zero carbon constructions in the short term. Using science-based proof and data analysis, the guide lays out a clear path to reaching net zero in the building industry by 2040. It goes beyond the ambitious and into the attainable.

The guide is the start to detailing a comprehensive approach to reaching net-zero carbon buildings and bridges and filling knowledge gaps in the field.

The guide also discusses the post-demolition potential for buildings, which creates opportunities to develop the circular economy.

The Race to Net Zero Carbon is a brief handbook based on the same researchers’ book, Delivering on a Climate Emergency: Towards a Net Zero Carbon Built Environment. The book is considered a suggestion for those who want more in-depth knowledge about how to attain net zero in their projects.