Brickless Developers Group Launches Construction on Virtual World of Metaverse and Reality

Brickless Developers, recognized for their innovative construction systems, recently went under contract for the acquisition of 834 acres, for commercial and residential use in Port St. Lucie County as they pursue development plans for a self-sufficient town. Additionally, the developers are unveiling a one-to-one metaverse replica on an augmented reality platform to complement the physical town.

Brickless Developers is planning a city of the future designed to answer to immediate residential market needs as the demand for housing in Florida rises to unprecedented highs. The 834-acre masterplan which makes up an official town in the county of St. Lucie features 733 acres of residential development and 101 acres of commercial development. Those include 2,600 units comprising single-family homes, townhomes, multi-family buildings, commercial areas, civic sites, fire and gas stations and more. Physical construction is set to begin in 2023.

“We are not only building to fill a significant demand for housing, but also for evolving societal and technological needs,” said Nelson Delgado, founder of Brickless Developers. “Due to the unstable lifestyle that the whole world has experienced during the past few years and the uncertain future, Brickless is pushing the boundaries with the creation of a community that is safe and shielded from external events such as COVID which brought us to unexpected lockdowns. We’ve all been on the receiving end of the supply-chain shortages, climate change, a global pandemic and more. Now, we’re designing a community that is truly future-ready in every dimension.”

In the masterplan’s digital replica, users can navigate through the site plans, select their desired land parcels, interact with neighbors, and participate in the design of their own homes and social spaces, all to be replicated in the physical development in Port St. Lucie. This innovative approach gives investors a dynamic stake in the project with the ability to have a role in the conceptualization of the town, setting a precedent for cities of the future.

“We are redefining the process of purchasing a home,” added Delgado. “Brickless is creating the possibility for customers to create their own community according to their needs and passions.”

Brickless Developer’s remarkable technology, that uses aluminum formworks and 100% monolithic concrete shells, allows them to significantly speed up the construction time and forecast the completion of this macro project in three years. The town’s sustainable masterplan features solar farms, modular organic farm and self-farming agriculture, intelligent design, high-tech construction and smart homes with wellness features including filtered water, purified air and home offices. The development is designed to be self-sufficient beyond the traditional live, work, play destinations, this community is set to embody a philosophy of power, feed, thrive.

The Port St. Lucie County has already approved the physical 834-acre project. Within the next couple of weeks Brickless Developers will launch a crowdfunding platform, allowing for accredited investors with investments as low as $25,000 to $500,000.