Ambitious Infrastructure Revamp In Moldova To Boost Economy

The Moldovan authorities have revealed an infrastructure revitalization strategy encompassing the establishment of a fresh terminal at Chisinau International Airport, the advancement of a crucial highway, and the refurbishment of the Giurgiulesti state port.

The focal point of the plan revolves around the proposed terminal at Chisinau International Airport. Moldova’s Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei Spînu, emphasized the urgent need for expanding the airport due to forecasts projecting a significant increase in air traffic, potentially reaching up to five million passengers in the coming years.

Spînu stressed the necessity of promptly commencing the construction of a new terminal that adheres to European standards, revealing an estimated investment requirement of at least €200 million for this ambitious project.

A Key Strategic Initiative

Another major component of the infrastructure plan involves the development of the Ungheni – Chisinau – Odessa highway. This proposed road project is designed to progress in two phases: the Ungheni – Chisinau segment, covering a distance of 110km, and the Chisinau – Odessa segment, spanning 190km, with 145km of this work taking place within Moldovan territory.

The primary goal of the highway project is to enhance transportation links, promote trade, and foster increased connectivity between Moldova and neighboring countries, including Ukraine and the European Union.

Spînu emphasized, “It is a strategic undertaking that will not only advance our nation but also integrate us further into the European Union.”

Port Reconstruction

Beyond the airport and highway initiatives, Moldovan authorities have also put forward a proposal for the reconstruction of the Giurgiulesti state port. Spînu underscored the significance of initiating and completing these projects, emphasizing their economic and geopolitical importance, regardless of their timeline.