3 Creative Ways To Sell A House Fast

Selling a house is easier said than done even with favorable real estate market conditions as there are many factors that influence the sale price and a lot of paperwork that goes into a sale. Many homeowners have to alter their house in some way in order to boost its curb appeal and increase its price and in some cases the neighborhood or location may prevent a good house from getting the price it deserves. If as a homeowner you are keen to close a sale quickly, here are some creative ways to sell a house fast for the best possible price.

1. The Proper Technique

Homeowners may compromise the legality of their sale as well as create more hurdles for themselves if they do not consult the proper professionals when trying to sell their house. If you have the finances, hire a real estate market researcher who will consider several factors from the location to the latest buyer preferences before quoting a reasonable price range for you to bear in mind as the seller.

Conducting a sale with the help of a realtor or real estate agent is also ideal as they are used to drawing up the framework and protecting their clients’ interests. Many smaller aspects of concluding a sale like getting adequate compensation for the appliances left behind in the sold house may be completely unknown to a first-time seller but will be in the mind of a realtor who is used to concluding sales.

When hiring a real estate agent, pay attention to how ‘local’ they are. Success in selling real estate is in no small way connected to location and proximity to the neighborhoods that the realtor covers in the course of their work. A local realtor will not only have more knowledge of how to sell a house within a particular area and indeed what buyers are looking for, but they can also host open houses and buyer visits with more ease as they won’t need to commute from a distance or be unavailable. Realtors also generally have intel on various buyers looking to purchase property in different areas at a specific time of year.

2. Basic Maintenance

It is a no-brainer that some basic maintenance and repairs are part of making a successful and lucrative house sale. A house that is structurally sound but has uprooted roofing shingles or cracked tiles or peeling paint for example will give the impression that it is older than it is and therefore not worth much. A potential buyer when surveying the property will also be considering the amount of money they will have to invest in order to fix up the house such as the amount spent on roof repair. If some fixer-uppers have already been carried out, the homeowner can confidently up the price without worrying about potential buyers losing interest.

Hire a contractor to survey the property and invest in basic maintenance such as a fresh coat of paint, plumbing fixer-uppers and if you are going to redo any room completely, choose the kitchen or the bathroom as most people pay attention to these two rooms more than the others. If you dramatically update all the appliances in the kitchen for the buyer, you can demand compensation for that expenditure later on. If the exterior of the house is remodeled significantly, that will also factor into the sale price.

3. Create An Intriguing Narrative

Selling a house is just like marketing any other high-value product. Hire a photographer and/or videographer to take pictures of the house and a short video after you have had it professionally staged. Professional staging creates a wonderful narrative of the many possibilities posed by a particular property. The key is to keep the new décor neutral and basic instead of overpowering or cluttered. If buyers say we buy homes for cash, they will generally be less interested in the appearance of a property as their purchase will be more reliant on capitalizing on an advantage they see currently in the real estate market conditions.

The house can be staged according to a certain design era to target a certain demographic or type of buyer but additions like having a hot tub for example can create the narrative that the home is luxurious and high-value and indicative of a certain lifestyle. The narrative and what it should be will also be partially suggested by the realtor in question as they are continuously processing what buyers are looking for in that neighborhood.