Timik Developments and Boral Midland Brick attain 10 Star energy rating

Boral Midland Brick’s Milano face brick is featured in a 10 Star purpose built house in Western Australia which has achieved the highest energy rating currently possible in Australia. Like all other states, sustainability is also a key building consideration in Western Australia with 6 Star BCA regulations set to become the building benchmark requirement from 1st May. This is the latest home in the sustainable construction category from WA Developer & Builder Timik Developments.

This 10 Star, purpose built house in the Pilbara Region has the highest energy rating currently achievable in Australia. The Pilbara Region in WA is a large, thinly populated area which holds the world record for the most consecutive days of a temperature at or above 37.80 Celsius. With this in mind, Timik Developments “green” principles enabled them to design not only a house which met the executive standards of 10 Star but also an exceptionally presented home.

Designers from the Architectural Firm CADDS Energy assisted with the design of the home to make sure it met the 10 Star rating while also ensuring high quality aesthetics. The 10 Star home was designed as an ‘L shape’ with the main bedroom on the eastern end and minor bedrooms on the western end with living spaces and alfresco areas facing north. This meant the building would make the most of sunlight during the winter and cooling breezes during the summer.

Boral Midland Brick’s Milano Face brick was utilised in the brick veneer construction, just one of an array of sustainable solutions.

Like all elements of the 10 Star home, Boral Midland Bricks Milano face brick play a critical role as a thermal mass material in sustainable building design. Clay Brick’s thermal mass properties, design versatility and lack of volatile organic compounds make it an ideal option when considering building a sustainable home for the future.