Concrete Blocks

Boral Masonry manufactures an extensive range of concrete blocks to cover the needs of every residential house building project from external applications, to internal walls, load bearing and fire-rated applications including feature walls.

Boral Masonry’s block ranges are widely available for selection and purchase in the states of Vic, NSW, QLD and SA.
In Western Australia concrete blocks are manufactured and marketed by Boral Midland Brick and can be purchased in a number of selection centres in that state.

The Boral Masonry range includes:
• Grey blocks – solids and hollow blocks – for building load bearing
walls and applications

• Designer Block™ – texture finish – honed, split face, polished, smooth, shot blast.
Designer blocks are manufactured in several colours.

• Connex® – dry mortarless block system for load bearing, blade and retaining wall
applications. An alternative for concrete formwork, used for stairwells, lift shafts and
corridor walls.