Why you should construct Green Buildings only?

A building or structure which takes into consideration the importance of the environment and helps minimize or eradicate the negative impact on it can be termed as a Green Building. The concept has started taking shape since we as a society have become conscious of the unfriendly elements that may arise by damaging the environment. More so in the metropolitans these days, we can witness a lot of structures coming up which come under the bracket of Green setup. The idea behind having this structure is to improve our quality of life by preserving natural resources. Several factors contribute to the thinking of making a building stand on the green concept. Solar and Renewable energy, pollution and waste reduction measures, recycling of resources, usage of non-toxic materials both during pre and post-construction, good indoor air quality are some of them. It is well to be noted that any building like home, office, community center, hotel, and a hospital can be a green building these days if it has the above-listed features. Having said that, not all green buildings need to have all the above-mentioned features as it also depends on the geography and climatic conditions as well where these structures are located.

Going green is what everyone is talking these days. The theory has been aggressively adopted in our infrastructural practice as well since we are all aware of the importance of preserving nature. We are conscious of the fact that at one point or the other, we will run out of our natural resources and hence it becomes imperative for us to make quick amends to the thoughts and get these green structures in place. The path may look steep but with little effort can bring revolution in the infrastructure arena.

So in a layman’s term what exactly is a Green Building? Well, a structure or a building project that allows preserving most of the natural environment around it can be termed as a Green Building. The operation of the building would promote a healthy ambiance to all the people living-in and in no way lead to disruption of land and water resources present around it.

Going Green or in other words adopting green practices in the buildings may cost more initially as the green materials and products come at a price but one should always look for the long term vision as over a period of time it would lead to savings on a lot of unnecessary costs. These green buildings must be looked upon as investments more than anything else. It is a win-win situation as it is not only about doing our bit to preserving nature but at the same time save future costs too. The goal behind having them is to make our planet more sustainable and also be future-ready. Besides, the idea is to build an environment or a setting which is not only suitable for people staying inside these structures but also take into account the importance of preserving plants and wildlife around them. We have already discussed the environmental benefits which come out of these buildings but come to think of it, these structures are also home to some very impactful economic and social advantages as well. Improving occupant productivity, create a market for green materials and products, minimizing strain on local infrastructure also add to the reason why going for green structures should become mandatory today. The realization that even our smallest contribution can make our planet a better one can turn around things pretty fast and these green buildings are one of the first steps that complement this thought.

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