Projectmates Construction Management Software Rolls Out Version 10.2

Systemates, Inc. recently announced the rollout of Projectmates version 10.2, which offers more functionality and enhancements to help cut project costs, streamline project functions and allow easy customization to address specific project needs. Systemates, Inc. has been a leading provider of capital project management software since 1997. With its newest version of Projectmates, Systemates continues to add features designed to provide project owners with tools to keep project budgets in sync with cost commitments. As a result of Projectmates’ award-winning, easy-to-use interface, customers find adapting to Projectmates as easy as using Gmail, Word or Excel.

While other companies try to offer project management software that work with smaller numbers of projects and users, Projectmates has proven its place in enterprise software with its ability to serve many Fortune 500 companies and the largest hospitals and universities in the U.S. Systemates has squarely positioned Projectmates as the leader and visionary in construction management software based on usability, features, and pricing.

Projectmates 10.2 offers enhanced features such as:

Enhanced Cost management/cost tracking CPM scheduling tied to financials for Earned Value    Analysis.
Vendor Management tied to Contract approvals, Change Order routing, and Pay Application approvals.
Customizable Business Process Automation (BPA) w/ Do-It-Yourself Web Forms.
Support for international languages such as Greek, Spanish, French, German, and many more…
Integration with financial/accounting software (such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards) leveraging web services APIs     and XML for seamless estimate/budget/cost management.

“Projectmates 10.2 incorporates many improvements and features requested by our customers,” stated Hemant Bhave, Vice President of Systemates, Inc. “For example, Projectmates added another crucial “first in the industry” application with its project request routing tool.” The new feature will help facilities departments intelligently route and manage internal construction project requests from the time a request is made until it’s been approved and converted into a project. This tool effectively removes the obstacles associated with processing the large number of project requests made.