Java for Construction

“Unlocking Your Business Value: Leveraging Java on Devices” indicates growth in IoT and opens many doors for service-driven opportunities such as construction. What’s more, M2M and IoT help increase efficiencies and improve customer value.

The challenge for many construction companies is in order to realize this potential, businesses must reexamine how they build devices.

In particular, this whitepaper looks at Oracle’s Java technology, which can provide higher efficiencies and lower costs, as it opens the door for devices to contribute better data, according to Beecham’s analysis. In the end, this type of ‘intelligence’ gathered from devices can help construction businesses make better decisions and use connected devices to the fullest potential.

For construction businesses that are currently examining how M2M and IoT can provide greater value, the technology community continues to come together to provide educational resources to help the enterprise world address the painpoints associated with implementing new technology.