ICM completes world’s tallest cylinder aquarium in Moscow

International Concept Management (ICM) has completed the world’s tallest cylinder aquarium at the new Avia Park Shopping Center in Moscow.

Designed and built by ICM, the aquarium is 23m tall and visible from all four levels of Europe’s largest shopping center. The aquarium was aimed to enhance the shoppers’ experience and serve as a focal point for the mall.

The scope of the project involved designing, sourcing, and installing the reef in the tank for a safe and functional environment for the livestock; selecting and sourcing fish that successfully cohabitate; and providing the lighting and filtration systems for the aquarium.

The aquarium shell consists of 55 metric tons of acrylic, provided by Reynolds Polymer Technology. It holds 370,000 litres of saltwater and nearly 2,500 fish. ICM served as the turnkey contractor and will provide ongoing operations and maintenance.

Andrius Vengalis, project manager for ICM, said: “From a visual standpoint, looking up at a freestanding water column this tall, is truly awe-inspiring. This new aquarium will serve as a focal point for not only the shopping center and its visitors, but also the community.”