MKV – Troieschyna Subway Line Development – Ukraine

The Municipality of Kiev City (MKV) is planning to undertake the Troieschyna Subway Line Development projectin Troieschyna, Novolabun’, Khmel’nyts’ka oblast, Ukraine.

Project Details

The project involves the construction of two subway lines: 1. Subway line stretch from station Glybochitskaya station Raduzhnaya , 2. Subway line stretch from station Miloslavskaya Street to station Prospect Vatutina.

The project also includes construction of stations, bridges and structures, and installation of rail tracks and signals, security and lighting systems.

Key Facts:

Project Status: Live

Project Value: USD 1390 million

Project Sector: Railway – Metro

Project Start date: Q1 2012

Project Completion date: Q1 2017


Suppliers, Contractors and Planners:

Project Owner

• Municipality of Kiev City –

Planning Authority

• Ministry of Industrial Policy, Ukraine

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