Grupo Carso to build new Mexico City airport

The Grupo Carso consortium has been awarded a US$4.2 billion contract for the construction of a new airport in Mexico City.

Led by the Mexican firm Carso, the consortium includes the Spanish companies FCC and Acciona, as well as a number of local Mexican firms.The group will build the four-storey 743,000 m2 terminal building on a 430 hectare plot.

The terminal’s roof will be made of aluminium sheets and ceramic glass, with a system of pipes and photosensitive systems intended to channel rainwater, wind and sunlight for use within the building.

With a capacity of around 125 million passengers per year, the X-shaped building – designed by architects Norman Foster and Fernando Romero – will have Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum energy certification.

Beyond the terminal itself, six runways will be constructed, and 24 water treatment plants, while casing will be placed on 25 km of open drainage network.The airport project is understood to have a 44-month completion deadline.