BIG to design public square for London’s Battersea Power Station redevelopment

BIG has won a competition to design the Malaysia Square as part of the Battersea Power Station redevelopment project in London

Malaysia Square, which will be built on two levels with integrated bridges and stairways, will link the southern entrance of the restored Grade II-listed Battersea Power Station and the top of the new Electric Boulevard high street that will stretch from Battersea Park Road.

The square will comprise a fountain that is planned for the central amphitheatre and will be designed in the shape of a hibiscus flower, Malaysia’s national flower.

Reclaimed chimney material from the power station’s rebuild programme will be used to clad the square to symbolise the links between Malaysia and Battersea.

The area, which is set to support a range of new developments, 24,000 new jobs and more than 18,000 new homes, includes the construction of a new underground station at Battersea.

In November, the new Northern line extension received government approval and work is set to begin in early 2015.

The transport link is planned to be funded through a commercial finance package, which includes reaching an agreement for a £480m loan from the European Investment Bank.

Battersea Project Holding chairman Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin said: “Today, we are proud to present Malaysia Square at Battersea Power Station, which marks yet another milestone in our journey with the development since its first launch in January 2013.

“This caps off a remarkable year, which began with the London launch of phase two in May followed by a global 13-cities launch of the commercial space, together with phase three on 31 October 2014.”

British-based, Battersea Power Station Development Company is undertaking the development management of the project.