Zimmermann Construction Staffing Expansion: Owners Overseas Exploring Options for New Construction Staffing Branch Office

The owners of Zimmermann Construction Staffing are currently overseas exploring options for an international branch office. Zimmermann founders say they see opportunity abroad; with their U.S. based office experiencing unprecedented service demands in spite of economic conditions, their interest in prospective expansion has taken the front seat. They stated that the new office will offer many of the same services as their current one; namely permanent and temporary construction staffing solutions for contractors seeking skilled tradesmen and general laborers. They went on to say that “Nationwide construction staffing is just what we do! All things permitting, we intend to serve an area similar in size to the one back home!” The duo have their eyes set on a number of locations throughout Europe, to include: United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands and Germany.

Their first destination is Southampton, on the southern tip of the United Kingdom. The UK has the second largest European economy but has been in a state of floundering, similar to the United States, for some time. Economic figures from recent months however, report industrial and manufacturing production in the UK to have risen 2% and 2.3% respectively. Should they choose to provide construction labor solutions from Southampton, Zimmermann Staffing owners believe their experiences in the U.S. will have prepared them for construction staffing in the UK.

From there, they head to the mainland to explore one of the larger commercial hubs in Europe. Amsterdam, The Netherlands’ capital, is an industrious port city focused on chemical, shipping and electronics. Not only is the Amsterdam economy attractive to Zimmermann, but with their objective to provide labor staffing and skilled labor staffing to a large region–a centralized location like this would allow them to offer staffing solutions to most of north-east Europe.

Exploring all options, they next depart for Yvetot and Paris, France. With the third largest European economy, France’s leading industrial sectors parallel those of Zimmermann’s. Focused on areas such as telecommunications, ship building, construction and civil engineering sets a prospective French branch of Zimmermann up for success from the beginning. Proficiency in temporary staffing and permanent staffing for all manner of construction personnel would allow Zimmermann Staffing to capitalize on the diverse French economy.

Their study of Europe is slated to end in Heidelberg, Germany. A country that made a name for itself, seemingly, alongside the inception of industry itself is one that requires little explanation as to why Zimmermann considers it suitable to call home. In the months following their return, the owners intend to make their decision and begin introducing Europe to what construction staffing by Zimmermann is all about.

About Zimmermann Staffing, LLC

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