Topland Engines – A Manufacturing Giant Gets Strong Communication Backbone. Connects its 13+ Branch Offices with Matrix IP-PBX

Topland is one of the largest manufacturers of Pumps and Engines with 13+ offices in India and presence in Asia, Africa, Central America and Middle East. With its goal to provide high quality products backed by efficient support, Topland is on a mission of “towards better tomorrow”.

Mishandling communication can cost a manufacturer big-time from missed orders, misunderstanding customer needs and selling the wrong product.

In expanding business scenario, connecting multiple branches with the central office for day to day communications was the major challenge. In addition to that, Topland also needed telephony solution with the legacy PSTN calling & Site-to-Site IP Telephony at all the locations.


Matrix and its channel partner Sun Communication Systems worked together and provided an IP enabled PBX solution – ETERNITY NE for all multi-site telephony needs of Topland. ETERNITY NE is a next-generation SOHO IP-PBX with advance features such as IP telephony, mobile extensions, CO trunks, auto-attendant, voice mail and web based remote management.

Branch-to-branch intercom over IP telephony and reduced telecom cost

With IP telephony, Topland saves telecom costs by any call placed between head office and branch offices. IP telephony feature of Eternity NE provides simple 3-digit dialing, call transfer, conference and other call management features for inter-branch communications

Sharing of common PSTN trunks within 10 offices in a single campus of Rajkot to save cost

With the optical fiber connectivity in a single campus of Rajkot between head office and 9 branch offices, PSTN trunks are shared between them to save telephony cost. Also access codes are provided to restrict unauthorized use of trunks by employees at branch offices.

Control with Centralized Management of IP-PBX System
With the web based Remote Management feature, all the systems can be centrally managed by the IT administrators from a single location without visiting any branch offices.

Delivered on-the-move mobility for Admin and IT staff
Innovative SPARS M2S – Mobile Softphone application enabled the Directors and Supervisor to carry office extension wherever they go. They can reach each other by simply dialing an extension number or browsing through corporate directory. Enhanced collaboration with video calling, instant messaging and presence sharing, voice mail features.


• Cost effective solution provided for inter-branch calling by elimination recurring costs of PSTN telephony bills.
• Enabled Directors and Supervisors for Anywhere connect using SPARSH M2S – Mobile Softphone for Android/iPhone with Presence, IM and Video Features
• Easy management of scattered telephony systems from a centralized location

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