Tenders drawn up for 1,500-home project in Bahrain

Work on a project to build up to 5,000 new homes is set to begin after a $64.7m land reclamation project on the coast of Bahrain nears completion.

According to Gulf Daily News, the contractor in charge of reclamation is set to finish its work in January, while tender bids are being invited for the first phase of the work, which involves construction of around 1,500 homes.

Around 500 of these are being funded by cash provided by Kuwait under the GCC Marshal Plan. Kuwait is providing $2.5bn of a total of $10bn of funding coming from fellow GCC states over the next decade.

Once complete, the development will also contain shopping malls, parks, mosques, schools and other facilities.

Housing minister Bassem Al Hamer said: “The Housing Ministry is now co-ordinating with other ministries and service authorities to issue the tenders according to plans.”