Stephen Dent Construction Announces Major Relocation to CT

Stephen Dent Construction, and major player in the green building movement, has announced that the corporate headquarters will be moving from Milwaukee, WI to Greenwich, CT. This announcement was alluded to yesterday in a social networking posting on the company’s LinkedIn account.

President of Stephen Dent Construction had this to say about the move to Greenwich: “This company was founded in Wisconsin, and it pains us all to leave, but we feel that the company needs to move to Connecticut to take advantage of the state’s progressive tax and building coding laws. Are we sad? Yes. Is this the best thing for our company and our employees? Absolutely.”

Stephen Dent will be moving all employees who wish to stay with the company, paying 100% of relocation costs for their employees. The company has fared very well in recent years, but even so, the costs for relocation seem high. It is apparent that the company feels they will be able to better move forward with their Green ideals in Connecticut, no matter what the financial cost.