Safety Minded Icon Door Systems Introduces Innovative Knuckle Splice Connection

ICON Door Systems has introduced the billet steel Knuckle Splice Connection (Patent Pending). Designed by ICON engineers, this unique feature was developed in response to customers expressing issues with the stability of splice points on other hydraulic door designs.

“Other overhead door manufacturers rely solely on a simple bolted joint to connect sections of their doors. The bolts can loosen during normal usage and from the effects of common environmental impacts, such as wind, that add extra burden to the traditional bolted joints during the lifetime of the door,” ICON owner Stan Robinson explains. “The taper-lock, “knuckle” design of the ICON splice connection delivers the same structural integrity as a solid piece of steel, while demanding virtually no additional load to the hardware.” In conjunction with the updated splice design, ICON engineers have gone a step further, also redesigning the pinpoints of their doors to greatly reduce the stress to the building.

Rounding out the benefits, ICON’s Knuckle splice design requires no welding for standard doors under 90′ (excluding steel bldg. attachment points), making ICON Doors exceptionally easy to install.