Nu Flow Middle East to Launch at the Dubai Big 5 International Building & Construction Show

Nu Flow, a global leader for non-invasive pipe rehabilitation solutions, will officially launch its Middle East operations at the Big 5, November 5-8, 2012 at Dubai World Trade Centre. Nu Flow Middle East is a manufacturing, installation and licensing joint venture partner of Nu Flow Technologies.

“With this launch, we plan to make Nu Flow’s technologies available in even more areas as we continue our global growth,” said Nu Flow CEO Cameron Manners.

Nu Flow Middle East, part of the Nu Flow team, is strongly affiliated with the Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies at the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering of University of Toronto. Through customized research and real-life modeling for the use of Nu Flow’s technologies in specific applications and conditions, Nu Flow continuously expands its market potential.

About the Technology

Pipe rehabilitation applications include but are not limited to multi-story buildings, service and public facilities, cultural heritage, underground utilities, industrial and pharmaceutical complexes, oil rigs and maritime vessels.

Epoxy pipe lining is a long-term solution for leaks and breaks, blockages, root intrusion, calcium and mold build-up, sewer backups, while increasing flow capacity without digging and destruction of interior walls and floors or the exterior landscapes and hardscape. The epoxy lining process takes a fraction of the time of traditional repipe methods with minimum downtime and disturbance to the activities of the occupants and users.

Blown-in epoxy coating restoration of pipes is a non-invasive process that protects the inner surface of pipes not only as a long-term solution to prevent corrosion and leaks, but is commonly used as a preventative tool to preserve the life of existing piping systems.

Nu Flow’s epoxy coating and structural lining systems are applicable for most pipe materials such as glass reinforced plastic, concrete and clay pipes, steel, copper, cast iron, black iron, ductile iron, lead, PVC and PE, with diameters ranging from ½” up to 12″. Bends and elbows, reducers, junction pieces such at T- and Y-fittings don’t form an obstacle.

In industrial manufacturing plants where hygienic piping solutions are key to the business principle, such as food and beverage industries, epoxy coated carbon steel pipes can replace the need for installation of a costly stainless steel piping system. Epoxy coated pipes are resistant to saline water and can be used effectively in marine and shipping applications. Where pipes are exposed to media with high sulphuric acid content, such as copper mill factories, epoxy coated pipes replace the need for installation of cathodic and anodic protection systems, traditionally installed to prevent corrosion.

About Nu Flow

Nu Flow is the global leader for non-invasive, cost-effective, green technologies to rehabilitate the inner surface of deteriorated or failing piping systems. The Nu Flow companies manufacture, install and distribute patented innovative no-dig pipe repair systems through 300+ worldwide licensees. Nu Flow is the only pipe lining company to provide dual lining technologies from a single source and is master licensor for the longest time-tested lining epoxy in North America.