Natural stone technologies were introduced in Marble IzmirMillion-dollar sales from the machinery industry!

Marble Izmir Fair, the heart of the world natural stone trade, drew attention with its machinery area where the latest technology products were exhibited. The products, of which nearly 500 machines were exhibited, found buyers in a price range ranging from 5 thousand dollars to 500 thousand dollars. The representatives of the machinery sector, which achieved million-dollar sales, stated that the sales will continue throughout the year with the cooperation established at the fair.

Marble Izmir, one of the two largest natural stone fairs in the world, doubled its success with its state-of-the-art products, most of which are domestic. All of the machines in which the technologies of the whole process from the extraction of natural stone to the end user were exhibited were sold at the fair. Marble machinery, construction equipment and consumables exhibited in the C and D halls of Fuarizmir outdoor area attracted great attention by domestic and foreign stone producers.

All products were sold from 5 thousand dollars to 500 thousand dollars
The companies participating in the machinery field received their orders for 2022 by promoting the latest technology products they produced as well as selling the products they exhibited. The exhibited products found buyers in a price range ranging from 5 thousand dollars to 500 thousand dollars. The fair, where nearly 500 machines were exhibited, put a smile on the face of technology manufacturers with the sale of all products. Sector representatives announced that sales were made for export and agreements were made.

Ahci: “These machines actually add value to our stone”
IZFAS General Manager CananKaraosmanogluAlhci, who mentioned the importance of machine technologies as well as natural stone for the recognition of the sector in Marble Izmir, said, “Our fair is not only a marble and natural stone fair, but also a machinery and technologies fair. The more valuable this raw material is in our country, the more valuable the processing of this raw material is. It is these machines that add value to this raw material and add value to our stone. And our machinery sector and our stone sector are already integrated with each other by nature. By its nature, our fair is also integrated.

The machine industry is just as valuable to our fair as block stone and finished stone are to us. Because without this machine and technology, we will not be able to get the efficiency of the natural stone bestowed on our country. Therefore, the machinery industry is in Fuarizmir. We made a good start this year. We allocated 60 percent of hall Cto our companies producing in the field of marble machinery. We have started our preparations for the next fair”.

“Marble Izmir is a fair that grows the sector”
Expressing that they are pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the hall as machinery manufacturers this year, R&D and Foreign Trade Responsible Dr. ÖmerSoykasap said, “We manufacture and sell the equipment used to extract the natural stone from the mines, and marble cutting machines. Our products find buyers in a price range ranging from 5 thousand dollars to 100 thousand dollars. We are known as a company. We have a customer portfolio abroad. At the fair, we can exhibit innovations in our products and provide new business connections. We have the opportunity to have one-on-one contact with our customers. We gain new customers at the fair. We are connected to the marble industry. Marble Izmir is a fair that grows the sector. As the industry grows, so do we. We were pleased with the density of visitors from abroad and domestically at the fair. We had visitors from Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria and African countries. We signed good deals”.

“We have sold all of our machines”
Stating that they use all domestic production technology, the companyGeneral Manager, Hasan Demir, said, “We manufacture and sell the tools used in the processing of natural stone, marble and granite. Our products are produced using completely domestic production technology. We brought 4 machines to exhibit at the fair, we sold all of them. We also collected new orders by promoting our product groups. We hosted our visitors from Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Georgia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. The fair went very well for us. We are very satisfied”.

It found buyers for 340 thousand Euros
Stating that they were satisfied with the intensity they experienced at their stands at the fair, Mechanical Engineer Burhan Efe said, “Our construction equipment, which we exhibited at the fair, found a buyer for 340 thousand Euros. Our construction equipment is completely domestic production, except for the engine and transmission. Completely our own design and manufacture. A tool used in marble quarries and many mining industries. It is used to transport large stones. Participation in the fair is good. We are pleased with the density”.

Sales and Marketing Specialist UgurCetin:
“Our machines start from 10 to 15 thousand dollars and go up to 300 thousand dollars. The machine we exhibited at the fair is used for polishing block plates. We are a company that has been participating in Marble Izmir for many years. In general, we carry out domestic technology production. The fair is generally busy. We are very pleased with the participation and the visitors”.

Company General Manager Mustafa Karan:
“We produce marble and granite machines. We produce 27 kinds of machines. We have been participating in Marble Izmir for more than 20 years. We brought 2 machines to the fair and sold both of them. Our machines attracted a very good demand at the fair. We had the chance to host visitors from many countries at the fair. We leave Marble Izmir happy”.