myComply Selected to Provide New York City With Safety Database and Connect 150,000+ Construction Workers to Smart Technology

myComply, a provider of technology used to verify safety training, has been selected by the New York City Department of Buildings (NYC DOB) to build and administer the software behind an innovative construction safety database.

Construction is widely recognized as the most high-risk industry in New York City. Standardized safety training is one way the city plans to mitigate risk and ensuring that all construction workers are appropriately trained is the starting point for reducing workplace accidents and fatalities in the city.

In 2017, Local Law 196 was signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio, which outlined New York City’s forward-thinking commitment to safer job sites. As a result of Local Law 196, the New York City Department of Buildings initiated a plan, cadence, and strategy to ensure the city was prepared to manage such a significant initiative.

In partnership with myComply, the New York City Department of Buildings has outlined a thorough plan to ensure all worker certifications and training can be verified on job sites and accessed on demand by NYC DOB enforcement personnel. Accessibility to this information allows the City of New York to proactively verify safe-practice and discipline construction permit holders who are unwilling to abide by the motions set forward with Local Law 196.

“myComply’s involvement with the contract in New York City will allow for great transparency and easy access to verifiable worker training certifications,” said Mark Wolff, CEO of myComply. “This allows DOB officials, whose job it is to enforce safe-practice on construction sites, to ensure all workers on a site are adequately trained.”

myComply uses mobile technology and cloud-based software to centrally manage and verify safety certifications and training requirements. This centralized management enables the Department of Buildings to obtain valued industry safety information, ensuring that permit holders on New York City job sites are prioritizing safe workplace practices. In March of 2021, all construction workers in New York City are required to obtain a Site Safety Training Card (SST Card), which ensures workers have at least 40 hours of specific safety training completed from authorized course providers.

“The easiest way to reduce risk on construction sites is to ensure that all workers on the site have adequate, up-to-date training,” explained Mark Wolff, CEO of myComply. “When a worker is adequately trained it’s far less likely for an incident to occur. myComply has worked with contractors across the globe ensuring that all workers on a site are adequately trained. The next step for our company is ensuring that all New York City construction workers have standardized, verifiable, and up-to-date safety training.”

About myComply
Founded in 2015, Saskatoon and Brooklyn-based myComply is a technology platform that ensures construction site compliance and provides worker analytics. myComply is setting a new standard for how training certifications are managed and verified on construction sites. The platform combines intelligent hardware with easy-to-use software used to verify safety training and is relied on by contractors to reduce risk on construction sites. To date, nearly 5,000 contractors across the globe have used myComply to ensure that all workers on the job have adequate, up-to-date training.