Intelligent Buildings and DSP Design announce partnership for smart building design and technology services

Intelligent Buildings, LLC, and DSP Design announced the availability of unified smart building design & technology services throughout India, Southeast Asia, and Australia. This will bring immediate value to corporations, commercial real estate developers, and tenants looking for technology-infused designs that specifically address public health risks, building cybersecurity and occupant experience.

These services will provide much-needed confidence to enter and work in new or retrofitted buildings, and will also lower building owner cost-structure, transform occupant experience, manage environmental conditions and proactively address vendor risk management (VRM).

This partnership, which has been in development for over a year, will assure corporations, developers, and all tenants in the region, that their facilities will be able to adapt to rapidly changing conditions, new technologies and shifting occupant demands while also proactively addressing public health and VRM.

DSP founder & principal, Bimal Desai states: “Smart building strategy and design should never be a separated, add-option in master planning or architecture, especially in these very challenging times.” Desai’s partner also founder & principal, Yatin Patel states that “The public health challenge in buildings is undoubtedly solved with a tight blend of design, technology, and policy.” “This is why we partnered with Intelligent

Buildings” added Mehul Shah, also a DSP Founder & Principal “…because nobody has more experience with building technology and policy on scale projects and portfolios than they do, and their methodology is simple, effective and affordable.”

Intelligent Buildings co-founders Tom Shircliff and Rob Murchison say that DSP Design stands out: “We have been fortunate to work on billions of dollars of new projects and billions of square feet of the portfolio in North American and other regions, and that experience allowed

us to see that DSP Design stood apart as a top firm in India and Asia” said Shircliff. Murchison added “We were impressed with the number of scale-size and quality projects DSP Design has been a part of and how they are constantly searching for ways to add value and reduce the risk for their clients. They are uniquely positioned in India to provide smart master planning and smart design to address public health, environmental, and cybersecurity risks”.