Igor partners with smart-building technology firm ‘Somfy’ files paperwork showing $400k raise

Smart-building technology firms Igor and Somfy announced a partnership to make it easier for architects, designers and building owners to seamlessly connect and control natural and manufactured lighting.

Igor’s Nexos IoT platform, enables a variety of devices, such as Somfy smart shading, HVAC controls, low voltage lighting, occupancy sensors and more to talk to one another for optimal automation, cost savings and data analytics.

“The way we think about physical spaces and our experiences within them is changing. Smart building leaders are accelerating their collaboration to rapidly evolve technology so we can allow owners and designers the flexibility they need to bring humans back together safely and comfortably,” said Dwight Stewart, Founder and CTO of Igor. “Our partnership with Somfy is a perfect example of that collaboration, and we look forward to bringing many new solutions to the marketplace in the coming months and years.”

The two companies will host a webinar on Nov. 5, 2020, to describe in greater detail the use cases, technology requirements and owner-operator benefits of the collaboration.

Earlier this month, Igor filed paperwork indicating it has raised $400,000 in funding. In August, the company won the IoT World COVID-19 Innovation Award for the firm’s Nexos Intelligent Disinfection solution.