Hyundai construction robots can weld, drill, lay bricks, and more

Hyundai Robotics has joined forces with Hyundai E&C to develop construction robots.Through this Memorandum of Understanding, both companies will jointly carry out the development of robots working at construction sites and will also establish an R&D cooperation system that will be available at all times to continuously demonstrate and commercialize the developed technology.

The construction robot will be used for anchoring, painting, welding, and brick-laying at construction sites. Hyundai Robotics is in charge of cooperative robot and vision technology, and Hyundai E&C is in charge of motion control for construction and application of autonomous driving technology at construction sites.

According to Global Industry Analysts (GIA), the global construction robot market is expected to grow 16.4% annually from 2020 to reach 242.5 million by 2027.

The managing director of Hyundai Robotics Dae-kyu Yoon said, “Through this cooperation, we will expand the application of robot solutions to manufacturing and logistics, and then to construction. We will continue to upgrade robots in the construction sector based on specialized technologies from each company in line with the era of the fourth industrial revolution.”

“We will introduce the concept of automatic production, such as that of manufacturing, to the construction site and lead innovation in the construction industry by cooperating with Hyundai Robotics in the post-corona era,” said Gu-yong Park, managing director of Hyundai E&C.