GreenUrbanScape Asia 2013 welcomed more than 4,000 participants from around 37 countries

GreenUrbanScape Asia 2013 has been the region’s first and only dedicated platform for urban greenery players, successfully uniting key luminaries from across the specialist architectural, technological, academic, developmental, and governmental sectors that make up the burgeoning industry. The exhibition welcomed 4,000 participants from some 37 countries with more than 130 top innovators and brands from around the globe represented on the exhibition floor.

Held alongside was the 2nd International Skyrise Greenery Conference where key global trends concerning urban greenery were discussed. Many renowned international experts covered a broad range of industry-critical topics in keynote speeches and multiple plenary sessions, including greenery from the developer’s perspective, and the growing market premium placed on property that incorporates different elements of living architecture. The multiple advances in the modern technology that drive the safe construction and maintenance of increasingly ambitious green projects were also at the forefront of the discussion.

What Exhibitors Said:

We’re leveraging the event as a launch platform for our landscape portfolio, showcasing our products and services.
–          Syngenta

We’ve seen visitors from India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, among others, which was exactly what we were hoping to do!
–          Gale Pacific

We are happy with the opportunities presented here to showcase the urban ecology systems that we create, not only for the local markets, officials and government agencies, but also for other markets overseas.
–          Greenology

GreenUrbanScape Asia is well planned and represented – with all the major suppliers, equipment vendors and related trades in attendance.
–          Uniseal

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