Dubai builds a Covid-19 isolation centre at Rashid Hospital in under a week

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) unveiled a multi-bed isolation facility besides Rashid Hospital that was created in less than week. The DHA released a short timelapse video on its official twitter feed and other social media platforms to announce the new facility.

Taking a leaf out of the experience of other pandemic-affected countries, a group of talented engineers worked day and night to create several high quality prefabricated structures that were assembled together to cope with COVID-19 cases.

The state-of-the-art facility which conforms to international intensive care unit standards has every single room equipped with sophisticated medical equipment and appliances and offices for doctors and nurses.

Every room has been provided with a fresh air circulation mechanism to filter out contaminated air and the hospital has been fitted with special filters to air purifiers for infection control.

The facility will be operational soon and will successfully handle the influx of patients requiring isolation and special care.

This facility has been built in addition to the other isolation and intensive care centres that have been set up at Dubai World Trade Centre and quarantine and field hospital facilities at several local hotels recently.