Deco Lighting’s Induction Lighting at the University of California Irvine Medical Center Provides Superior Visibility, Safety and 56% Energy Savings

At top ranked University of California, Irvine, Medical Center facility managers selected Deco Lighting to replace inefficient outdoor lighting to save energy and maintenance costs and improve nighttime safety.

After reviewing the latest technology lighting systems available, UC Irvine chose Induction lighting for its unmatched benefits, including 100,000 hour lamp life, high efficiency illumination, and excellent color.

Deco Lighting replaced existing HPS (high pressure sodium) fixtures at UC Irvine Medical Center campus parking lots and parking garages. Benefits to the University include immediate 56% utility cost savings, long term maintenance savings, better control and uniformity of illumination, and greatly improved color and visibility. UC Irvine facility managers and security staff have made favorable comments on how impressed they are with the new lighting and how it has improved the campus environment at night. Residents of nearby apartments have contacted the University to express how elated and thankful they are with the new lighting and elimination of excess spill light.

Deco Lighting D816i Series area luminaires with 120 watt Induction lamps replaced 250 watt HPS fixtures in several parking locations. Additional Deco Lighting fixtures installed include D407i Series Induction wall luminaires and vaportight T8 fluorescent fixtures in campus parking garages. NovaTech Energy Services Group, Inc., a nationwide leader in energy conservation services, provided lighting design, equipment recommendations and complete cost savings analyses for the project. “The new lighting is expected to save the University $21,092 per year in lighting energy costs and $3,994 per year in maintenance costs“ said Greg Cavlovic, National Accounts Manager of NovaTech.

“Including state and utility rebates, the ROI (return on investment) is projected to be achieved in only 2.27 years,” added Mr. Cavlovic. Long term maintenance savings will be provided by eliminating the parts and labor costs of at least three relampings of the HPS fixtures over the lifespan of the new 100,000 hour Induction luminaires.

Induction lighting provides equivalent light levels compared to HID lighting using only half the wattage. This performance is based on the visual effective lumens (VEL) of Induction lamps, versus the traditional outdoor footcandle measurement criteria developed for HID lamps many years ago. The superior quality of Induction lighting is due to the VEL, high 85 lumens per watt efficiency, and excellent 85 CRI (color rendering index) clean white color. HPS lamps exhibit a distinctly yellowish cast and a very poor 22 CRI color rating. The superb color, uniformity and control of the new Deco Lighting Induction fixtures at the UC Irvine campus has greatly improved the nighttime visibility and safety for students, staff, drivers, and the surrounding community.

The University of California, Irvine, founded in 1965, is one of the ten general campuses of the University of California. UC Irvine is recognized worldwide as a Top Ten Public University and ranks among the top U.S. universities for its academics. UC Irvine is well known for its Medical Center, undergraduate and graduate schools, and many research organizations. The campus occupies 1,510 acres, features a wide range of architectural building styles, and is engaged in a large scale construction program for expansion. UC Irvine wields great economic impact as the largest employer in Orange County, California.

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