Consulting services for the construction industry and saving client’s time are the main focus of BOAS Consult

Consulting services for the construction industry and saving client’s time are the main focus of BOAS Consult, a company established in Brazil and Switzerland since 2003. The company deals with real estate development projects, assuming control of the entire process as their client’s representative, therefore making their projects more efficient and freeing them valuable time to run their own business. Their clients are individuals and companies that do not have appropriate expertise in the construction industry but have a project to complete, wether it is a renovation of an existing building or a completely new construction.

The company offers an extensive range of services for different sector of the construction industry, including industrial, commercial offices, residential, retail, mixed-use and hospitality, regardless of the project’s size or complexity. However, what distinguishes BOAS Consult in the international market is their ability to provide an unbiased control and evaluation of the works being done by the teams and companies involved. “Our work should not be confounded with the work of a management company. Instead of managing projects and construction works, we represent our clients in controlling the works being done by those companies and by the other companies involved”, explain Marcia Chelli, chief of operations in Switzerland.

For 2012, BOAS Consult objective is the intensification of its activities, focusing on existing constructions that have execution, financial, organizational or strategic problems, or projects that are in the idealization phase, especially for corporate clients. “There is a huge opportunity for our services in Brazil for the next years, especially in this moment where many foreign companies are expanding or implementing new business in the country”, comments Thais Dick, partner of the Brazilian branch.


Thais Canton Dick
Partner – Senior Consultant
+55 11 5102 4612

Marcia Chelli
Operations – Senior Consultant
+41 44 268 1818