China has completed the Shuiguan Expressway expansion project.

The $169 million project involves widening the expressway from four lanes to a two-way 10-lane 20-km road between Meilin and Longgang.
The project has been delivered in two years and forms part of the first phase of the Qingping Expressway S209 project, from Yulongkeng to Pinghu in Shenzhen City.Shuiguan Highway links downtown Shenzhen with Longgang District and Pingshan New Zone, and is also the trunk expressway connecting Longgang, Shenzhen with its peripheral areas, one of the important industrial zones in Shenzhen.

Shuiguan Expressway also connects with Shuiguan Extension and commenced operation in July 2005.Hong Kong-listed infrastructure project manager Huayu Investment and Development Group has acquired a stake in the project from Sumgreat Investments in April this year.Sumgreat is a holding company of a group of ten subsidiaries involved in investing, building, operating and managing infrastructure ventures in mainland China.