Bring Smart Building and Workplace Design Solutions to Clients in Asia Pacific and Oceania

Pactera, a leading IT solution company with 25 years of history and nearly 30,000 employees, and Eutech jointly announced a partnership to bring smart building and workplace design solutions to clients in the Asia Pacific and Oceania region.

The partnership brings together the proven Pactera OctoIoT platform and unique data management technique with Eutech IVIVA, a workplace cloud that provides a broad range of applications and technologies for the implementation of solutions for the Digital Workplace, Smart Buildings and Smart Precincts.

“We are very pleased to enter the strategic Asia Pacific and Oceania partnership with Eutech, which provides a variety of digital transformation solutions for the global real estate and building market,” stated JinSong Li, Executive Vice President, General Manager of APAC Business Group, Pactera. “Pactera has a broad regional presence and in-depth localized capabilities for IT and consulting. Leveraged by Eutech’s industry-leading digital solutions, we firmly believe that our new partnership with Eutech will support clients’ digital transformations and bring new value to the marketplace.”

Under this partnership, together Pactera and Eutech will help clients utilize the solutions that deliver step-change improvements in productivity, cost, and efficiency over the entire building life cycle. The partnership brings extensive Pactera’s experience in IoT implementation, IT consulting, and digital transformation, combined with the Eutech IVIVA platform enabling smart, interactive environments that delight tenants and visitors.

“Organisations are increasingly looking to connect their physical and digital workspaces to enable a more resilient and productive workplace,” said Dr. Hari Gunasingham, Founder and CEO, Eutech. “Eutech’s mission is to enable this by redefining the way people, places, and things interact. Our partnership with Pactera is a key initiative in this mission. We are looking to co-innovate and co-create disruptive workplace solutions that bring together Pactera’s leading-edge technologies and capabilities in IoT and AI, and Eutech’s IVIVA Workplace Cloud.”