Actis launches updated U-value simulator with new features

An online tool aimed at helping builders, architects and specifiers work out the potential U- value of a project has been updated with extra user-friendly features

The free simulator, devised by insulation specialist Actis, was originally created in 2013 to support its Hybrid range and has helped thousands of builders work out the potential U- value of a project.

It offers users the chance to play around with a mix-and-match range of insulation products and membranes in pitched roofs, ceilings, timber frame and masonry walls to see how the different combinations affect the project’s thermal efficiency and produces an estimate in seconds.

New features

The improved version contains a number of new features, including the ability to base a calculation on 400mm centres in a pitched roof scenario, as well as the default 600mm option.

And it enables the user to select a generic reflective breather membrane as an alternative to Actis Boost R Hybrid in the timber frame wall application.

The new improved tool also contains a link to the Actis Registered Construction Detail page on the LABC website, enabling users to feed the results into their wider specifications.

The findings can be saved as a pdf or emailed to one of the technical team at Actis who can use the figures to prepare a comprehensive and tailored report to be included in a planning application – thus eliminating a good deal of time, research, and effort.