A quick glance at world’s largest optoelectronic cluster at CIOE 2021

CIOE 2021 (the 23rd China International Optoelectronic Exposition), the most influential and renowned optoelectronic industry exhibition, will be held from September 1 to 3 at the largest exhibition venue Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center with an exhibition area of 160,000m2, presenting the entire supply chain in information and communications, precision optics, lens and camera module, optoelectronic sensor, lasers, infrared, and photonic innovations. Now that 90% of exhibitors have confirmed, let’s take a look at the global optoelectronic buyers at CIOE 2021.

CIOE – Information and Communication Expo, will gather more than 900 manufacturers, equipment and service providers for information communication technology such as ADI, AOI, ADAMANT, ANRITSU, Bandwidth 10, ColorChip, Credo, Denselight, E-Globaledge, HAMAMATSU, Hisense, SCHOTT, Keysight, HiSilicon, PHOGRAIN, Shijia, MRSI, US CONEC, Eoptolink, Gigalight, VIAVI, MACOM, O-Net, SENKO, InnoLight, Sifotonics, Accelink, YOFC. The ICT expo will showcase products in optical components and materials, optical communications chips and materials, optical communications system equipment, optical fiber & cable, manufacturing system equipment, cloud data center, wireless communications, broadcasting and communications equipment, operation and service.

More than 900 manufacturers will showcase the entire optics ecosystem including optical lens & camera module, optical materials and components, optical imaging measurement, optical processing equipment, and optical coating technology at CIOE – Precision Optics Lens and Camera Module Expo. Global famous companies such as Phenix, Yutong, CDGM, Trioptics, ASM, Hexagon, Evatec, Shineoptics, Buhler Leybold Optics, Carl Zeiss, Ameteck, Foctek, OHARA, Hitronics, SCHOTT, Panasonic, HyVision, etc. will bring their latest technologies and equipment.

Sensors are the key for autonomous driving, industrial automation, consumer electronic and robotics. As China’s sensor market becomes most powerful, leading companies such as ams, BYWAVE, VisionICs, Hypersen, Neuvition, Juyou, Nephotonics, Silicon Integrated, ABAX, ACUS, RaySea, Stella, Zhisensor, INNOVIZ, Lorentech, OPNOUS, LUMENTUM, LEMON PHOTONICS, adaps, On Semiconductor, will be gathering at CIOE – Intelligent Sensing Expo share the topnotch products and applications in LiDAR, 3D vision, industrial sensor and measurement, optical fiber sensor.

Hundreds of top laser companies like Han’s Laser, HGTECH, Trumpf, MKS, Hymson, JPT, MAX, UW, VI Laser, TETE, raylight, RAYCUS will gather at CIOE – Lasers Technology & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo presenting the hot sellers in lasers, laser equipment, laser materials and components, high-end intelligent equipment, industrial robot, and 3D printing.

As the only professional infrared exhibition in China, global infrared players LYNRED, SAT, DALI, IRay, JIUZHIYANG, SANAN, FuJiRui, Vital Optics, GRINM, ULIRVISION, Sun Creative, Kaihang, AVIC, Thorlabs, Newport, LEMO,  MAGNITY, Sunell, Keii Electro will bring the hot infrared equipment, THz monitoring and imaging,  infrared material and component, and application at CIOE – Infrared Applications Expo.

Furthermore, CIOE – Photonics Innovation Expo will gather Chinese top research organizations such as Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Nanjing Nanotech Institute, Tianjin H-Chip Technology, Beijing TSD Semiconductor, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Ldtronix, Xidian University to demonstrate China’s and global cutting-edge research and achievements in new photonics material, optical technology and application, information optoelectronic technology, biophotonics, intelligent manufacturing and robot.

“I am here for the supplier of automotive lens optics and inspection assembly equipment so that we can improve our products. This exhibition is very good.” said Mr. Xu, the director of development center of Panasonic Semiconductor, “There are many high-quality equipment and material suppliers. Visiting CIOE has been very rewarding for us.”

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