A Great Success of The 6th Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate Cooperation Forum-China 2014

The 6th Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate Cooperation Forum China 2014 (APCREC6) has been a great success on 29th-30th May, organized by Linver Insights, co-organized by CBN-Glod Master, endorsed by Econet China and 21 Club, supported by Sohu, in Haytt Regency Chongqing.

Over 320 professionals and elites in across the whole commercial property value chain gathered in APCREC6, to discuss on “Taking Advantage of Re-Streamlining Finance, Understanding Essence of Re-Shaping Retail, Perfecting Skill of Omni-Channel Revolution”. 33% of them are from property owners and developers (group decision makers, leasing department and financing department); 21% are from capital investment agencies; 23% are from hotel and retailers; 8% are from architecture or landscape design and engineering agencies; 7% are from software or solution providers and 7% are from consulting firms. On Day Two, APCREC6 set “Re-Shaping” Retail and “Re-streamlining” Finance, two parallel streams, to deep insight into each hot topic.

Property developer delegates are from Nan Fung Development Limited, Shui On Land, Shanghai Mapletree Management, Poly Commercial Real Estate, Vanke, Beijing 798 Art Zone, Sasseur , R&F Properties, Jinke Property Group, Shanghai Shimao Commercial Investment Management, Shanghai Zendai Property, Xiehe Asset Management, Chongqing Gaoke Group, Jin Yu Commercial Real Estate, Bai Yun Airport Real Estate, Guangdong Pearl River Investment, Ren Xin Real Estate, Springland International Holdings, China Resources Land, Midea Property Development Group, Perennial(Shanghai) Retail Management, Thaihot Group, New Source International Holding, Yang Guang Co., Ltd, CIFI GROUP, Intime Retail (Group) , Yu Run Holding Group, Sino-Ocean Property, Yuexiu Property, MIDSUN Holding Group , CC Land Holdings Limited, Excellence Group, etc. Capital investment delegates are from Cura Investment, The Link REIT, Gopher Asset, Global Contracts, Star Capital, Beijing Bright Wealth Investment, China Resources SZITIC Trust, CCB Elite, New Century Asset Management, KaiLongRei Investment, Xiamen International Trust, ShangHai San Sheng Investment (Group), Grand china real estate fund management, Mutual Affluency Investment Fund , China Jianyin Investment Ltd , Citic Trust , KKM Capital , Keystone Capital, etc. Retailer delegates are from C&A , ANTA , Broadway Theatre ,Beijing BELENCRE Cultural Development , Dicos , ackie Chan Cinema , Chongqing Joy Cygnet Dining , Easy Home ,Decathlon , Dunkin’ Brands, Inc. , Diaoyutai MGM Group , Portofino Hotels & Resorts , Champion Rink , Hollys Coffee , China Resources Vanguard , GROTTO , Caffebene , Orange Hotel , COMBI , u.b.c. Coffee , Harmony World Watch Centre , Furama Hotels International Management, Yong Hui Superstores , JOLYVIA International Cosmetic Group, etc. and Philips Lighting, Spark, WDCE, ECADI, CIMA Facade, MG2, T&C Asset Management, Bridge Capital Asset Management, Knight Frank, Samsung (China) Investment, Elo Touch, Das Intellitech, Partner Tech (Shanghai) , Beijing Victory Star Architectural & Civil Engineering Design, Aconex, Persagy Technology, View Point CG, JT&N, KPMG, KOHLER China Investment, Nielsen, Shanghai Winner Information Technology, Getchee, JLL, etc. such kind of outstanding consulting firms, operators, design agencies and solution providers.

Part one of day one are interactive panel discussions. In first panel moderated by Stephen Wang from iResearch, Georgia Zhuang from Nielsen shared a new idea of “New Tier City Opportunity”, consumption upgrading and convenience from the view of consumer insight ; James Getchee proposed that e-commerce make Chinese customers’ consumption behavior be more accurately targeted and refined, O2O and other internet tools could help to choose where to open a new store; and Danny So from JLL told us that a good leasing of shopping mall from the start did not mean a great success after 10 years, shopping mall needed long-term operation management, should actively apply new-tech, from the view of developers. In capital investment insights panel, Mr. Zhang Haiquan from Cura Investment, Ms. Xu Rui from Nan Fung Development, Dick Leung from The Link Reit, Christina Huang from KPMG, Mr. Li Wan Ming from Grand China Real Estate Fund Management, and Mr. Li Xiao Dong from CCB Elite discussed on “Invest in Trend or Invest in Opportunity”, focusing on How to match commercial property investment and development cycle? How commercial property transition caused by consumption and benefit orientation impact on investment trend, region, price and exits? And cross border commercial property investment: new commercial property format brought by aging population and community format. And in developer insight panel moderated by Mr. Xu Jun from Sasseur, Mr. Zhang Tao from Gopher Asset represented investment agency, Joe Wu from WDCE represented design agency, Ms. Chen Lan from Vanke, MR. Qian Yi from Yu Run Holding Group, Mr. Zhang Shangxue from Excellence Group and Xu Jun from Sasseur represented developers and operators, discussed on how to diversify HOPSCA with innovation from investment, planning and operation 3 dimensions. In Shanghai we have XinTianDi, and in Beijing we have 798. Albert Chan from Shui On Land shared the case of urban re-construction “Xin Tian Di” and Mr. Liu Gang from Beijing 798 shared the case of creative cultural industry landmark “798”. Besides, Mr. Shen Yihan also brought a case of Liangzhu Culture Village, a poetic model for China’s urbanization. Then Sven Steiner from SPARK presented his rethinking and creative idea on Retail Malls new concept.

After day one conference, speakers and delegates brought hot discussion into evening cocktail party with delicious food and wine. Official cocktail wine providers are Pernod Ricard and ASC Fine Wines.

We co-organized with CBN Gold Master Magazine for Day Two “Re-Streamlining Finance” Sector, our strategic partners: Yongmeng Investment Fund, Jt & N and Keystar Capital were actively involved. Mr. Zhang Zhi Rong from Citic Trust shared with us OCT case study which is the first mainland financial property project regarding rental income right as its trust standard. Mr. Derek Cheung from New Century Asset Management demonstrated the first mainland hotel REITs: New Century Hotel REITs. Mr. Lu Lin from Cura Investment illustrated his perspective of how financial cross-border power connect with developers and operators. After his session, as one of our co-organizers, CBN Gold Master Magazine hosted a very impressive panel discussion, they invited Mr. Li Jian Hao from KKM Capital, Mr. Xiong Yong from Chongqing Yongmeng Investment Fund, Mr. Yu Xiao Xiang from Keystar Capital and Mr. Zhou Hong from Mutual Affluency Investment Fund launching a heated debate aiming to lead more advanced & qualified capital cooperating with more growing commercial property in middle & west China. Mr. Chen Dao Lei of Star Capital raised three combination issues: industry & commerce combination, industry & city combination and industry & financial combination. At the last session, Mr. Mu Jian Wei from Beijing Harmony Commercial Property Operation Agency organized a very interesting brainstorming about property investment trend: retail? Leisure? Entertainment? Industry? Logistic? Which One Will be Better? Mr. Ou Ya Jun from Intime Retail, Mr. Robbie Zhang from Bridge Capital and Mr. Liu Bin from Xiehe Asset all joined.

At “re-shaping retail” stream on second day, Mr. Jim Zhang from Eguan Analysys shared their data & analysis over the past 10 years, and stated how can shopping malls upgrade and renovate with Internet thinking under the Internet environment in the future. Mr. CHEONG Yew Kwong from Shanghai Mapletree Management showed the enormous changes of Vivo City, and shared us what did they do to overcome so many obstacles like remote address, inconvenient traffic to make Vivo City one of the most popular shopping malls in Singapore. Mr. George Cai from CIMA Façade Consultants briefly described the cooperation between developers and architects from the very bidding beginning to detailed performance in curtain wall industry. Next brain storming was moderated by Mr. Alan Sun from Knight Frank, together with Mr. Chen Hong Wei from Shimao Commercial Management, Mr. Qiu Yi from Chongqing Joy Cygnet Dining, Ms. Tian Ye Hua from C&A, Ms. Chen Shao Min from Beijing Belencre Cultural Development and Mr. Zhao Wei Liang from ECADI, they talked about the leasing, brands transaction, early operation of shopping mall from their own position as developer, consultant, brand and architect. Besides, Mr. Hopson Huang from Furama Hotels International Management Pte Ltd. , Mr. Dale Ciapetti from MG2 Architecture Corporation, Mr. Allan Tang from T&C Asset Management Consulting Limited and Mr. Wang Hui from An Hui Nan Xiang Cultural Industry Company joined another panel to discuss how to create ideal retail brands portfolio aiming at different commercial property types.

Look forward to meeting with you again in APCREC7 in next May, also our 3rd Annual Green-CREP Summit in this November.
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