World of Concrete Is Back – Same Intensity, New Enthusiasm

The 50th Anniversary of the World of Concrete- WOC, is the first and largest exhibition that caters to global commercial concrete construction and masonry industries and is now accepting registrations. It is a three-day education and community-focused event that offers exclusive opportunities to connect with leading suppliers. 

It is well to be noted that the World of Concrete is scheduled to take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center between January 23 and 25, 2024, with educational sessions beginning on January 22. This annual event showcases the latest advancements in terms of efficiency, safety, and sustainability within the concrete along with masonry industries. The upcoming half-centennial edition of World of Concrete aims to honor as well as celebrate the well-established brands and committed individuals who have gone on to play a significant role in the industry’s achievements over the last 50 years. Moreover, the event seeks to inspire as well as also foster engagement and community connections moving forward.

The World of Concrete brings together over 1,300 companies across 34 countries to showcase state-of-the-art machinery, tools and also materials. It will take place beginning of the year’s buying cycle and will also serve as a platform for unveiling new products, setting trends, and at the same time fostering innovation so as to address industry challenges. Notably, the event is the largest and most diverse of its kind, with exhibitors coming from a wide range of categories that include work trucks, material handling, technology, and materials like autoclaved aerated concrete- AAC, cement and of course coatings. In terms of the area, the event covers a very impressive 700,000 square feet of both indoor as well as outdoor exhibition space.

At WOC, learning is always given a top priority, thereby making sure that education remains at the forefront of the experience. It provides realistic opportunities for hands-on training, enabling students to better support real-world scenarios, and serves as a central hub for discussing trends that are emerging. It offers sessions especially focusing on compliance, safety, commercial and industrial repair, ideal business practices, and project management.

While celebrating its 50th anniversary, the 2024 educational portfolio will introduce more than 50 new subjects focusing on transformative project-specific techniques, including the execution of innovative materials and tools such as 3D printing.

The World of Concrete not just offers professionally led sessions but at the same time emphasizes the development of technical skills by way of a variety of opportunities. These include expanded certification seminars, interactive workshops, and accredited courses. The training program will go on to cover a wide range of topics, including concrete repair, wall forming as well as reinforcement, concrete paving, robotics, and several other areas.

The Vice President of the World of Concrete, Jackie James opines that this event is undeniably a crucial gathering for professionals in the concrete as well as masonry industries. Not only it serves as a central hub for promoting growth, facilitating connections, and nurturing excellence in the market, the immense knowledge shared here, along with the educational courses offered, helps concrete and masonry professionals with unique insights on the upcoming trends that are not available elsewhere. People visit WOC in order to witness the ongoing advancements in technology which happens to be consistently transforming the field of construction.

The Innovative Product Awards which is a feature of World of Concrete, will once again be held this time around. These awards aim to acknowledge as well as honor the latest groundbreaking products that are revolutionizing the concrete sector by way of enhancing efficiency. Notably, these awards were launched this year itself to honor cutting-edge equipment, materials, and tools. The People’s Choice Award is determined by way of online voting by industry professionals, while the Experts’ Choice Award is selected by editors and experts from World of Concrete. These awards go on to recognize excellence across 9 different product categories, which include Business & Technology Software & Services, Concrete Production & Delivery, Concrete Construction Materials, General Construction Tools & Equipment, Masonry Construction Materials, Concrete Surfaces & Decorative Concrete, Precast & Block Production, Repair & Demolition Materials, Tools & Equipment, and Slab Tools, Equipment & Materials.

It is worth noting that the past winners of the competition include Command Alkon, which won for their inventory & replenishment solution. SpaceCrete was recognized for its innovative 3D-Admix technology. Wicktek, Inc. received an award for their product, DensiCrete. Alchemo was honored for their BridgeDECK waterproofing agent. The concrete sector is all set to experience significant growth, reaching a market value of US$ 972.04 billion by 2030. This growth is expected due to the introduction of new products that prioritize safety, efficiency, and cost reduction.

The exhibitors at the World of Concrete 2024 are the likes of Stihl, WernerCo, Caterpillar, Putzmeister, Husqvarna Construction, Milwaukee Tool, Bosch and Dewalt, Sika, Quikrete and Sakrete/Amerimix. On the other hand, masonry companies include EZG Manufacturing, Premier Scaffold Solutions, Layher Inc. and At-Pac. Robotics and technology providers include HP SitePrint, Sysdyne, Command Alkon and Winsun 3D Printing.

Registration for the 50th Anniversary Edition of the World of Concrete is now open and one can register on