Willmott Dixon implements Dalux BIM tool across all projects

Willmott Dixon has chosen the 3D model viewing technology due to the simplicity of the system and the speed to upload design models.

Willmott Dixon is making 3D model viewer, Dalux BIM, available to anyone that works on its projects, from consultants to supply chain employees and even their customers.

The purpose of Dalux BIM is to reduce the number of queries on site from the supply chain and act as a way to undertake quality control of works installed through the augmented reality feature of the system.

“Even those who are typically technology adverse appreciate the benefit of Dalux,” says Tim Carey, Director at Willmott Dixon. “The biggest advantages are the simplicity of the user interface, the speed at which you can upload design models into the system, the ability for the system to work on pretty much all hardware released in the last 2-3 years, and the ability to have augmented reality on site at the work face. These all help our drives to significantly improve our product quality and site productivity.

“Our next steps are to investigate further the quality management and CDE functionality of Dalux to understand how viable this is for our company moving forwards in the world of ISO 19650,” he adds.