Virgin Atlantic opens new clubhouse at JFK airport

Virgin Atlantic has opened a new $7 million clubhouse at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, US.

The new clubhouse, serving upper class guests, is twice the size of the existing clubhouse. It has been designed by Slade Architecture and spans over an area of 10,000 square feet. Cascading, shimmering golden ceilings of lighting, and soft, decadent textures serve as the predominant design features of the clubhouse and offer it a sophisticated style. The clubhouse imbibes a large lounge providing glimpses of the runway, an internet bar and meeting areas along with a relaxation area featuring private space and sleep suites. The relaxation space sports person sized round cavities in the walls. The cavities are lined with wool and complemented with intimate lighting fixtures.

The new facility also features a cocktail bar sporting a cloud-like form. The bar is enclosed by a diaphanous, curving wall formed of rods in stainless steel as well as walnut fins. Among the clubhouse’s other features are a spa and hair salon, and a formal dining in the brassiere space.