Vectorworks launches new unity-based 3D model viewing technology

Vectorworks, Inc. has released its third service pack for the Vectorworks 2022 product line, which includes 3D model viewing technology, and improvements to Vectorworks Cloud Services for all design customers

Other highlights to the updated product line include new storage integrations with Vectorworks Cloud, updates to Datasmith file exchange for a direct link to Twinmotion, and support for .glTF within the MVR export from Vectorworks Spotlight.
Re-engineering gives Vectorworks users a better experience on cloud and mobile platforms

Key enhancements to Vectorworks cloud services include a new storage integration with OneDrive, improved integrations with Google Drive and a direct connection of the Nomad mobile app to the iOS files app.

Customers can now access and process files directly from their preferred cloud storage solution, making it easier to work with existing file structures and saving time.

Additionally, region-specific cloud storage will improve Cloud sync speeds and file upload and download speeds.

Customers will now also be able to use Redshift render styles when processing renderings of their files in the Vectorworks Cloud.

Designers can take advantage of the latest LiDAR technology available with iOS devices when scanning and producing point clouds within their mobile devices.
Implementing unity 3D model viewing technology enables a faster, more robust experience

Vectorworks Dirdctor of product technology, Dave Donley, commented: “Implementing the Unity game engine as a platform for AR, 3D and web viewing of 3D models enables us to deliver a faster, more robust experience for anyone viewing and navigating 3D designs of any size on the web and through our mobile app, Nomad.

“We’re excited to bring these innovative updates to our users, providing them with amazing performance boosts for large, complex design models for better presentations and interactive experiences.”
The new Twinmotion and Vectorworks direct link saves more time

In Vectorworks 2022 Service Pack 3, the process of synchronizing a 3D model between Vectorworks and Twinmotion is simplified using the Datasmith Direct Link tool.

The new Auto Sync option immediately sends changes made to the 3D model in Vectorworks to Twinmotion, eliminating the export/import process.

In addition to Auto Sync with Twinmotion, the Datasmith export now supports data and light information to be accessible in Unreal Engine editor for more data-rich and detailed models.
.glTF support allows wider opportunities for collaboration, and easy product information exchange

An update to the MVR workflow in Vectorworks Spotlight and Vision includes using the newest .glTF/.glb file format to both utilize the most up-to-date technology and to meet the latest DIN Spec 15800:2022 standards.

This modernization will also broaden the adoption of the MVR file format for a wider opportunity for collaboration and easy project information exchange.

Service Pack 3 also includes several workflow enhancements for ConnectCAD, additional quality fixes for Vectorworks Spotlight and support for PosiStageNet (PSN) in Vision. All quality fixes are detailed in the tech bulletin.

This Service Pack is available as a downloadable update for all U.S. English-based versions of Vectorworks 2022, including Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals, Braceworks, ConnectCAD and Vision.

To install, select “Check for Updates” from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or help menu (Windows).

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