Trimble Platform as a Service Delivers Future-proof Access to Construction Technology

Trimble announced the Trimble Platform as a Service, an offering that gives contractors the ability to purchase select civil construction hardware and software solutions and continually upgrade those solutions with the company’s latest innovations. It is now making it publicly available in the U.S. through its SITECH distribution channel.

Under the Trimble Platform as a Service model, contractors can shift their technology investment from a capital expense to an operating expense; get automatic upgrades to new versions of Trimble hardware, software and firmware; and conserve cash. Service, support replacement parts and accidental damage repair are all included in the monthly payment.

Bundled solutions include the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform, Trimble Siteworks Positioning Systems, Trimble Correction Services and select office software.

T Paa S 3″Contractors can now modernize large construction fleets and inventories without a significant initial investment and the assurance that their technology will be continually updated with the latest innovations from Trimble,” said Scott Crozier, vice president, Trimble Civil Engineering and Construction. “This allows them to use their capital to run the business as well as predictably manage technology expenses.”

As the rate of technology change continues and software capabilities improve, hardware to support the software functionality must also advance. Using the Trimble Platform as a Service, hardware and software updates are included so contractors can standardize their entire fleet and field workers on the same hardware and software versions, resulting in less time needed for training and support.

Predictable, fixed technology costs enable customers to create more accurate bids, which can lead to more jobs won with a higher profit margin. Once the bid is won, contractors can complete the job faster by leveraging the latest software and hardware from Trimble. In addition, the service provides easy tracking of hardware to reduce the time and effort required to locate technology across distributed teams and remote worksites. At the same time, asset utilization increases when contractors know what construction technology have, where it is and how it is being used. Flexible contract terms allow project teams to take advantage of an affordable, fixed monthly price for the duration of the project.

Local support from SITECH construction technology dealers is included in the fixed monthly price to maximize uptime.