SPARK designs urban retirement and farming concept in Singapore

International architectural and design consultancy SPARK has produced a new conceptual project for the next generation of urban retirement housing.

Intended for Singapore’s rapidly ageing population, Homefarm presents a living and farming complex for city seniors that combines apartments and facilities with vertical urban farming.

Through its new research-based design, the company hopes to initiate discussions about the potential gains of mixing two typically separate realms.

According to SPARK, the housing concept addresses the challenges of how Singapore could support the ever-increasing number of senior citizens and methods for enhancing its food security.

SPARK’s conceptual retirement development Homefarm allows the older inhabitants in Singapore to live in a garden environment with flexible housing specifically designed for the needs of seniors.

Publicly accessible farming facilities are positioned at the lower levels of the scheme, while housing is stacked above in a curvilinear terraced formation.

As residents can work part-time hours under the direction of a professional implementation team, the project offers post-retirement employment and activities.

Gardening will boost personal income and help generate a sense of community, while promoting health and well-being at the site.

Homefarm has environmentally friendly features such as the collection of rainwater for use in aquaponic systems and the use of plant waste for energy production.