Skanska lands Glos lighting deal

Skanska has been handed a contract worth up to £41m to change 55,000 standard street lights to LED ones.

Gloucestershire County Council has awarded Skanska a 12-year contract to reduce the energy consumed by the county’s street lighting.

The switch to LED is expected to save £22m in energy costs over 12 years.

The initial installation will take place over four years, followed by a maintenance period. Together the phases have a combined contract value for Skanska of £32m to £41m, depending on additional work.

Skanska operations director James Holmes said: “The council’s investment in LED street lighting will pay large dividends over the coming years, both in terms of carbon efficiency and value for money. At a time when local authorities are seeking better value, LED conversions are bound to become the norm.”

Work on the installation will begin in November and conclude in March 2019. Skanska will also carry out maintenance of the units from April 2016 until March 2027.