Schmidt hammer installs pavilions at Shanghai West Bund Biennial

Schmidt hammer lassen architects has installed a series of pavilions at the Shanghai West Bund Biennial for Architecture and Contemporary Art in China.

The Shanghai West Bund Biennial for Architecture and Contemporary Art is promoting Shanghai as a centre for architecture and fine art.

The facility features an art installation pavilion, dubbed the Cloud, and a composition of pavilions featuring support facilities including a café, a gallery and a bookshop.

Under the plans, the pavilions were placed adjacent to one of two industrial cranes on the Xuhui West Bank Riverside.

Schmidt hammer lassen architects partner Kristian Lars Ahlmark said by hanging hundreds of white ropes from the pavilion’s ceiling, an effect is created where the cloud is always changing.

“Visitors moving or a light breeze creates a subtle movement of the ropes, underlining the organic nature of the installation and the immateriality of the space. In Chinese culture, a cloud is an important symbol and a sign of good fortune,” Ahlmark added.

Schmidt hammer lassen architects said it has relocated to larger office facilities in Shanghai.

The company’s present projects include Green Valley, a sustainable regeneration project on the former Shanghai World Expo site, a headquarters for the Ningbo Daily Media and a redevelopment of a former coal storage building, which will serve as a new art gallery and museum for an international art dealer.