Rurelec begins work on 40MW power plant in Chile

Rurelec PLC, a UK-based power utility, has started construction work on a 40MW power plant in Chile following the recent grant of full environmental approvals.

The plant will be situated at Parinacota, which is close to the port city of Arica. The project is being developed in partnership with Chile-based companies Enerbosch SA and Invener SA.

The project will utilize a GE Frame 6B gas turbine, which will initially run on liquid fuel and later switch over to liquefied natural gas (LNG) to generate power.

The plant will initially have a nominal power generation capacity of 38MW, which will be upgraded by the addition of water injection capability to generate up to 40MW.

The company expects to increase the plant to a nominal capacity of 136MW by the addition of a second gas turbine and conversion to combined cycle operation. The power generated at the site will be transmitted by Sistema interconectado del Norte Grande (SING) transmission system.