Ramboll, Vectura secure second major contract on Gothenburg rail scheme

Ramboll and its consortium partner Vectura have secured a new €9 million ($11.3 million) commission on the Western Link rail project in Gothenburg in Sweden.

This latest contract will see Ramboll play a central role in developing the new Haga underground station situated west of the city centre.The new underground system will reduce the pressure on the city’s road and overland rail infrastructure and is expecetd to improve access to the centre of Gothenburg.

Ramboll will be responsible for construction, electrical engineering, waste water, water resources management, urban development, traffic planning and other environmental issues. Ramboll has been selected for both route planning and underground station elements of the infrastructure project.

The project will be led by Ramboll while certain elements of the project will be undertaken in collaboration with other international players.